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Klute - 1971 Klute (1971)
One man is missing. Two girls lie dead. ...and someone breathing on the other end of the phone. [USA Theatrical]
Rating: 7.2/10
Crime, Mystery, Thriller,
Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Charles Cioffi, Roy Scheider, Dorothy Tristan,
Lansdown - 2001 Lansdown (2001)
Jake Jorgenson had a handle on almost everything
Rating: 4.1/10
Thriller, Comedy,
Paul Shields, Jennifer Carlson, Chris Baran, D.W. Warren, Marc Krinsky,
Suspended Animation - 2001 Suspended Animation (2001)
From Legendary Horror Director John Hancock Comes the Ultimate Terror.
Rating: 5.3/10
Alex McArthur, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Laura Esterman, Sage Allen, Fred Meyers,
"Prison Break" - 2005 "Prison Break" (2005)
Break In. Break Out. Save Your Brother's Life (Season 1).
Rating: 8.5/10
Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller,
Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, Sarah Wayne Callies,
Trees Lounge - 1996 Trees Lounge (1996)
A story about one man's search... for who knows what
Rating: 7.2/10
Comedy, Drama,
Carol Kane, Mark Boone Junior, Steve Buscemi, Bronson Dudley, Anthony LaPaglia,
Suckers - 2001 Suckers (2001)
Whatever You Do, Don't Buy Your Next Car Without Seeing This Movie!
Rating: 6.7/10
Joe Yanetty, Jake Johannsen, Daniel Benzali, David Ackert, Utah Blue,
Totally Blonde - 2001 Totally Blonde (2001)
Meg answers the age old question "Do blondes really have more fun?"
Rating: 3.8/10
Krista Allen, Maeve Quinlan, Michael Bublé, Brody Hutzler, Mindy Sterling,
Spiders II: Breeding Ground - 2001 Spiders II: Breeding Ground (2001)
They're back... and this time they're breeding mad!
Rating: 3.0/10
Horror, Sci-Fi,
Stephanie Niznik, Greg Cromer, Daniel Quinn, Richard Moll, Harel Noff,
New Port South - 2001 New Port South (2001)
Some students can't be dismissed
Rating: 4.9/10
Blake Shields, Will Estes, Kevin Christy, Melissa George, Brad Eric Johnson,
Gia - 1998 Gia (1998)
This is life... not heaven... you don't have to be perfect.
Rating: 7.0/10
Biography, Drama, Romance,
Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Michael Cole, Kylie Travis, Louis Giambalvo,
Two-Minute Warning - 1976 Two-Minute Warning (1976)
For some...too much time to wait. For the rest...too little time to run.
Rating: 6.1/10
Drama, Thriller,
Charlton Heston, John Cassavetes, Martin Balsam, Beau Bridges, Marilyn Hassett,
The Back-up Plan - 2010 The Back-up Plan (2010)
Fall in love.* Get married. Have a baby. *Not necessarily in that order.
Rating: 5.3/10
Comedy, Romance,
Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'Loughlin, Michaela Watkins, Eric Christian Olsen, Anthony Anderson,
See No Evil, Hear No Evil - 1989 See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)
MURDER! The blind guy couldn't see it. The deaf guy couldn't hear it. Now they're both wanted for it.
Rating: 6.8/10
Comedy, Crime,
Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Joan Severance, Kevin Spacey, Alan North,
Gang Tapes - 2001 Gang Tapes (2001)
A coming of Rage story
Rating: 6.2/10
Crime, Drama,
Darris Love, Darontay McClendon, Don Cambell, Six Reasons, Trivell,
In the Line of Fire - 1993 In the Line of Fire (1993)
An assassin on the loose. A president in danger. Only one man stands between them...
Rating: 7.2/10
Action, Drama, Thriller,
Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, Rene Russo, Dylan McDermott, Gary Cole,
Cowboy Up - 2001 Cowboy Up (2001)
Think of it as a freight train with horns.
Rating: 5.8/10
Drama, Romance, Western,
Kiefer Sutherland, Marcus Thomas, Daryl Hannah, Melinda Dillon, Molly Ringwald,
"K-Ville" - 2007 "K-Ville" (2007)
In New Orleans heroes stand and fight.
Rating: 6.5/10
Action, Crime, Drama,
Anthony Anderson, Cole Hauser, Blake Shields, Tawny Cypress, John Carroll Lynch,
Layover - 2001 Layover (2001)
What would you do if an attractive stranger asked you to go to bed with them?
Rating: 4.8/10
David Hasselhoff, Gregg Henry, Yvonne Sciò, Tom Wright, Sherri Alexander,
According to Spencer - 2001 According to Spencer (2001)
According to Spencer, She's the one... Everyone else thinks so too!
Rating: 4.5/10
Comedy, Drama, Romance,
Jesse Bradford, Mia Kirshner, David Krumholtz, Adam Goldberg, Brad Rowe,
Campfire Stories - 2001 Campfire Stories (2001)
Gather round the fire... for the last night of your life.
Rating: 2.9/10
Crime, Horror, Drama,
Jamie-Lynn Sigler, John Hensley, Joshua Harto, Charlie Day, David Johansen,
Father of the Bride - 1991 Father of the Bride (1991)
Love is wonderful. Until it happens to your only daughter.
Rating: 6.5/10
Comedy, Family, Romance,
Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Kieran Culkin, George Newbern,
North - 1994 North (1994)
North's hopping mad with his parents, and now he's off on a world wide adventure!
Rating: 4.4/10
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy,
Elijah Wood, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Marc Shaiman, Jussie Smollett,
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